Our Story

Over 15 year ago our founders began selling on online marketplaces.  In those 15 years they have seen hundreds of pieces of marketplace management software come and go, but the one piece of software they have never been able to find was the perfect Product Information Management System.

Our Vision

To provide a comprehensive Product Information Management System that is not only easy to use but cost effective.


The 3P360 Product Information Management System provides users with the tools needed to manage data and access that data in a way that makes marketplace data management seamless.  The 3P360 system includes a robust user interface along with advanced flat file capabilities making both data import and export functions a breeze.


How it works

Data In

3P360 allows user to add data to the system in two ways - One by One via the User Interface, or in Bulk via CSV upload files.  Both methods allow users to add numerous product data points which include items such as - Product Title, SKU, Images, Videos, Product Weight and Dimensions.

Data Out

Once product data has been added to 3P360 users then have the ability to create data exports via CSV files which can be customized to include the desired data set.  These CSV exports can be saved as templates for repeated use and they also allow the user to create custom headers.


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